With the increased use of the Internet, websites have now become an integral part of businesses at present. Nowadays for the development of robust and dynamic websites or web applications the most powerful tool PHP MYSQL is highly preferred. PHP Training in itself is a great option for anyone who is in the quest for enhancing his or her career opportunities, by learning PHP Training.

PHP is a server-side scripting language which is highly popular in the modern world due to its user-friendliness and easy coding.op 70% of business organizations use PHP for web development which makes it one of the most widely utilized programming languages.

Introduction To PHP

Why you will learn “PHP”? What is PHP? History of PHP, PHP Versions, Usage of PHP, Advantage of using PHP, Dis-advantage.

Server Management
  • Configure PHP Installation, Some Basic settings, more about directory structure, Details about different types of a server (Dedicated and shared), Configure Apache Installation, Configure MySQL.
PHP Basics
  • The PHP Character Set, Constants, Variables, Keywords, Data Type, PHP Structure and Syntax, Passing Variable between Pages using GET, POST, REQUEST, SESSION, COOKIES, FILES, SERVER, EVN.
Expressions and Their Types
  • Using if else statement, Operators, Date function format, File Include, Use of Functions, Array – Associated and Numeric Array, Sorting Arrays, Foreach constructs, Alternates to the echo command, how to use JavaScript and CSS —– Assignment.
Working with MySQL
  • Field Types, Import & Export, MySQL Storage Engines, connecting to the MySQL Server, Querying the Database, retrieve information from Database, show record from Table, Add, Edit and Delete records. —– Assignment.
Form Elements
  • Working with Text box, Password, Select Box, Check the box, Radio button, Multiple List Box, Text Area, File Upload, Page Redirect, Ternary Operator, Form Validations. —– Assignment.
Error Management
  • Types of Error, Error codes, creating a custom Error Handler. —– Assignment.
Email Management
  • Send Basic Email, Send HTML Version. Send Image in Email. —– Assignment.
File Operations
  • Opening and Closing Files, Types of FileModes, PHP Functions for FILE handling. Reading a file: like Reading Excell sheet content and put it in Database. Dynamically create and Read file —– Assignment.
Image Manipulation
  • Overview of GD library, Creating Thumbnails, Adding Captions over Image, Adding Watermarks and Merging Images. —– Assignment.
CSS Management
  • CSS Basics, Application of CSS with HTML, Types of CSS with examples —– Assignment.
JavaScript Management
  • Variables, Array Declaration, Loop, Statements, Inner HTML, Math functions, Events, JavaScript validations, Using PHP with JavaScript. —– Assignment.
AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)
  • What is Ajax, Advantage of Using Ajax, and Implementation of Ajax in PHP? —– Assignment.